new black and white

this is my beautiful friends new family cat.. called socks. only weeks old and its adorable. he is completely black with white paws and gorgeous blue eyes. i'm usually afraid of cats.. but i'm starting to love him. xxx

also next week i'm headed to hong kong with my family for 10 days. 
i plan to pick up a few goodies that i hopefully can't find here...

heres a list.
- wool jumpers (fitted, cropped, slashed)
- white silk blouses
- beanies (all shapes and colours of black and grey)
- wool hats
- plaid mittens/handwarmers
- sheer dresses
- black leather riding boots
- ankle boots - leopard print
- flower headbands
- faux fur black blazer

- black satchel of somesort


winter velvets and bloody marys!

its been a while since i've posted, but winter is coming and the fats are rolling in i tell you what. i haven' t been up to much, just a lot of assignments and assessments with my course, and starting to apply for grad positions for next year.. wish me luck!!
melbourne had a beautiful weathered weekend... sunny days and warm nights. 
had a lovely dinner party with my girls then off to chapel st...