new american apparel sunglasses - divine 

daily necessities..

all my handbags are leather and its amazing how much crap you need in each day. everytime i swap my everyday handbags.. i forget certain things (and its always my phone or lippy). today i was good
- banana
- moleskine diary
-paw paw
-vitamin e cream
- pen
- keys
- eyeliner
- water
hangover sunday..

so many phones

had people over last night and most of us had iphones
theres about 5000 worth of apple product right there baby.. isn't this ridiculous?
love the iphone

loving getting packages sent to your house...

my new topshop april wedges - just like the opening ceremony's
so divine.. but so painful after 6 hours

errands on glenhuntly..

spent they day with kath running errans on glenhuntly rd. i'd bought a few paintings from india that i wanted to mount, so we went into every opp shop or salvos to find some frames... managed to find 3..
such a beauitul day and can i say the open toasted tuna on rye is the best thing ever at the pound.


bassike, hudson and oak

bassike's online store is having an amazing sale - well for me anyway.. just scored some great basics.
- mega wide tee in cloudy blue
- circle jersey dress in black (not sale..but)
- button back cardi in bird

yeah man... then i saw this...

and its only 400!!! i have something similar in tan :(

and then i saw these... good morning jesus christ... OAK suede wedges with a peep toe!

h by hudson

black scout ruched boot - perfect for winter



new alexander wang lemming..

damn mr alexander wang.. he just re-did the coco mini duffle and diego bag.. and i missed out on them both the first time. the australian dollar is doing so well at moment that US825 doesn't seem so bad?.. the diego bucket bag is definitely on my list.. to get or not to get?? but i really prefer it with the gold stud detailing. hmmm..

just ordered these babies...

i'm actually in love with jeffrey campbell shoes at the moment.. anything black, suede or platform does it for me.
so i've just ordered the pixie suede boot (which was on the reorder).. shipping to me in late feb. yay! aren't they divine? and the nation boot.. which i though i could wear casually with jeans.. LOVELY

pixie + nation



ok where on earth do i begin? i went to the rainbow party!!!!!! AND IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE >> the intensity was so beautiful.. the music takes you on that journey. the posts below are a few of my festival outfits for the days and nights. it was seriuosly 16 hour days on the dance floor for a solid 4 days. i'm just recovering now.. with no voice, no limbs and no brain cells left. but it was worth it. bring on maitreya 2010 in march!!! love you all xxx

woodstock me up baby!

this i think was our first night at the festival. it was all colour, colour and colours of the rainbow.


monday day on the d.f (dance floor) - i was seeing everything over the rainbow. scored these glasses of ex;s brother - he wore mine and i wore his. although his are very science experiment like -

how beautiful is the rainbow?

this was the last day as the sun was setting. how beauitful was the scenery? god camping was fun x

so lovely...

sunday day on the d.f

sunday was actually hilarious!!! halfway through this day i had the best stomp for 6 hours.. then i was found up a tree past out!!! i could not tell you where i got this red tutu from.. but isn't it fantastic??

magical magic stickk.

not sure where the blue balloon was from.. but it sure was great to dance with...

the start of the sunday

this morning was the most amazing set by liquid soul straight into freq.. OMG > they most amazing thing you will every experience.. what a party.

met such a beautiful friend - hi stacey

the saturday afternoon.

for someone whose known for wearing black.. ive really gone all out with my colours.. strike a pose chuey!

the start of the saturday..

these are my hot girl friends from left to right.. sheree, jade and amanda. what value.

our campsite.. cute friends.. lovely boys

the friday night..

such a hectic day.. had to set up camp and set up the site. in the morning the trailor and tarp nearly came off the cars.. so dangerous.. nearly had to call racv..

my lucky jade necklace..

funny story with this necklace.. i saw it on a friend who was wearing it.. and i hadnt seen it in over 2 years. i got it in lumbini, nepal.. in some randow market. it glows in the dark too.

johnny lennon - yeah man i loook like yoko

my massive calves are massive in this pic.. but lets just call my legs toned. peacocking here.. how mad are the blue john lennon sunglasses.. phew


dinner party for my friend tashy

we had a lovely dinner at my house.. so beauitful. made birthday cupcakes and everything.
friends from left to right - kath, loz, kyles, tashy and em xxxx


ventured into south melbourne area...

such a beautiful day i tell you what. we spent the day at south melbourne market and had lunch at cafe sweethearts then had the best coffee in melbourne - ST ALI"S > DIVINE


brought a new bra that goes with everything!!! no bra, no padding for the smaller boobed girls. and it looks great under slips and dresses. saves u wearing a corset.



jefferey campbell lemming...

arent these babies divine? on their way from shopbop

a day with my best friend

kath finally is home from france and spent the day shopping. picked up a few bargins down chapel st today... but i should be looking for a job