a fine short hairy

i use to have such nice long and thick shiny black asian hair. after 5 times of stripping it it has come to this. ive made the big chop this morning and i cant ever remember my hair ever being this short. i had the intention of getting it cute and dyed into the regrowth chocolate brown look = but i was denied. i was told i wasn't allowed to colour my hair until my hair is was treated properly and more frequently. violet cut my hair at nylon hair in ripponlea (AND I THINK SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB). p.s. i got my KW sunnies and i look like i've come from space.. hehe xx


booked with new hair

i NOW: Haircut, wednesday, nylon hair, massive chop and nervous.


pretty melbourne skys

IPHONE: melbourne, afternoon, trippy colours, rain and appreciating what you have.



my green winter coat

it was strangely cold this morning. it was my day off today and finally had time to start reading atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand. ive heard great things about this book, and in comparing it to her earlier novel - the fountainhead. and that was brilliantly written.  i also had lunch at my favourite cafe (batch) on Carlisle st - catching up with a friend. then i went to by some serious protein hair shampoo by matrix and a few fortifying treatments. my hair has been bleached beyond belief so i've decided i'm going to get a serious chop.. about 2 -3 inches as its just breaking all the time.. it kills me. i was thinking of dying it brown for the next few months and cutting it to a shorter blunt style like in this photo of Christine Centenera...

a really good friend of mine (the same one who got a build a bear) was and has been waiting the Alfred emergency room as she was in a lot of pain due to a complication that she has. it was too busy so she went to the Monash hospital instead, and they couldn't see her. its really heart breaking that our health system can't attend to most our patients. all this was happening whlist a friend of mine cooked dinner for me at her place - and it was delish! lamb culets with cous cous. i was feeling guilty i couldn't see her, but shes been put to sleep on pain killers and will hopefully be seen in the morning. now i'm in two minds about whether or not if i should watch australia lose to ghana tomorrow early morning. hmm xx

i'm also not feeling perfectly content right now and i feel like i have no one to talk to. two of my best friends aren't picking up their phones, another is in daylesford and one has just been to hospital. so i just found out that my boyfriend is having people over to watch the world cup, and he knows that i wanted to watch. he knew i've never had any secured plans. there was never an offer for me to come over and stay and then wake up for the game in the morning. i don't have any problems with his friends, but only with his family (who is from a different nationality and religion to mine). the problems reach so far that they disapprove of me and i'm not allowed into their household. so the whole time that we've been together i've never been accepted, and i've never been in the house whlist his parents are in the house. its really sad and it makes me uncomfortable as its a hard situation between the 2 of us. the only reason why they haven't interviened is because hes now going away for a while in about 10 days or so. 

i just feel so frustrated at the situation and i feel like he doesn't stick up for me, or doesn't even think to invite me as im always never been allowed over there. i understand hes respecting his parents wishes, but i understand that not all families are as loving or as accepting as most i know. i sent him a msg after the conversation saying thanks for not inviting me and that i really appreciate it. but instead he ignores it and hasn't done anything about it. i feel like not making plans to watch the soccer. i know that is immature, but anything to prove a point. but i guess in this case its hopeless. 

thank god no one reads this blog.
buenos noches xx



TODAY: Chadstone, Build a Bear, Lindt and Larent MACCARONS, work pumps, deal or no deal audition and traffic. xx


love machine

WEEKEND: nepalise, chapel st, love machine, vodka borsch and tears, end of exams, shots, dancing and my best friends xx

thick bralets

Topshop bralets with shirred back detail.

100% Cotton. i couldn't decide what colour so i got all three. i can see my self layering this under heaps of tanks, singlets and over-sized draped outfits. i also got the hearts suspended tights in black as they were back in stock.


i'd just..... brought more things

brought these babies while procrastinating to study for tomorrow's exam.... both on sale!!!! the alexander wang dress was from us ebay and the the karen walker sunglasses were from estile.com.au xx

p.s i still have to attend the bassike sale tomorrow...(GOING STRAIGHT AFTER EXAMS).. with no moneyyy wah


Jil Sander - Asymmetric satin sandals

i just saw these babies on outnet.com and they were on sale!!!! but they didn't have my size unfortunately.
also just brought the woodland shorts in wheat on the LOVER online flash sale.. finishes at 7pm tonight if anyone wants to buy anything. 

such bargins xx

subtle animal leopard

how lovely is this new karen millen bag? i love the animal print as its not too overwhleming. i dont' own or wear  much of it, but i was on the oneteaspoon online shop and was so tempted in getting Rock N Roller Leopard animal print baggy jeans..... would i wear them? or regret? its a shame cos i would love to try them on first to decide. 

beatuiful wontons for lunch today

my morning
just had a horrible but lovely afternoon and its only 1pm. i had my 3rd exam this morning, it was only a multiple choice exam but i found it very tricky, but i had to get up so early for it and my car engine was jumping as it was so cold. turned on my heater and the car was 1 DEGREE.. 

after my exam i go back to my car to drive home, only to find that my has been egged - no joke. egged! yolk and egg shell and everything. such a bad morning. then i come home to my parents making wontons for lunch. didn't want to spoil their day so i didn't tell them about the car and quickly got a bucket of soapy water to wash it off. a friend scared me that the egg can eat away the paint!! 

i have another exam friday morning, but i can't concentrate to start studying for it.. i think i might watch some soccer (my father has been taping all the games as i've been studying for exams).. GO SPAIN!

what a morning xx


before the game.

Spent this beautiful day at the library.. i wasn't very productive as i was so stressed on what to study as i have 4 exams next week. wish me luck.
tonight i had organised tickets for the boy and i as a double date with my friends kath and missen to 'Before the Game' (as my beautiful friend tash works on the show). we had the best seats in the house. reason to go was because both the boys go for carlton and chris judd was on the show. it was so much fun. thanks tash xx
then a quick dinner on chapel st and now i'm home to watch the football - south korea vs greece... GO SOUTH KOREA.

p.s trying to follow the world cup - i will tragically after my exams (18th)




mine mine mine

my my my new new fur vest to the family. welcome. i mothered her from a store called husk.
love you, its so soft and warm.

did i remember to say i love you?
can't wait to wear it!


music on this page

after looking a few blogs i looked at one where it had some funky music, and it really brightened her blog.

i've tried countless times to find a gadget of somesort to put a music player on my blog page. i tried playlist.com but i'm not in the United States, so something that works within australia would be good.

has anyone tried the laurent macaroons???? the ones with the cream in the middle? they are DIVINE! i scoffed 4 down last night after working at the library (for hours on end it seems like).

had coffee, strawberry, lemon and passion fruit - YUM. coffee is my favourite so far.


p.s studying for 4 exams next week.. been up since 7am and i have work soon from 2 till 9pm. kills me.
p.s.s. i've watched the whole season of MODERN FAMILY.... twice and i love it.


fun leggings

new love - the cape coat by Karen Millen

hello this is me in minimal makeup, but wearing my fav. coat for this winter. dad dragged to the ugg boot store to buy ugg boots as mine have literally fallen apart. 
its by karen millen and i absolutely adore it and its actually quite warm considering it has cape sleeves! its very cosy and i love how structured it is.


winter colour!

ive been sticking to a lot of blacks the last few weeks, i mean everything is black and a lot of people have been commenting on my look - my response is that i'm mourning that i've put on the winter weight - thanks to you chocolate.. and cakes. but i find its quite hard finding my clothes in my room as everything is black. 

black is the easiest of colours to wear and buy, black on black, unless its textured. like my black l/s tops, skivvys, black leggings, sheer tights, opaques, blouses, jackets and lets not forgetting my accessories. black boots, black shoes, black leather bags, black beanies...

my point is,.. i think i'm getting lost in a sea of black.. and shines of colour is always a new breath of fresh air! 

the purple/fuschia (spl) is from a really cool thrift store (with 12 stalls) in melbourne called carlisle st bazaar, its a pretty laid back store with a lot of different types of stock, from re worked vintage, to vintage, to second clothing and sometimes up and coming designers. pretty exciting xx

on the streets of southern china.

so i've finally found a bit of time to update my blog - i think my last post was nearly 2 months ago and few changes have happened. so in end of april, early may i went overseas for nearly two weeks (re. photos from the last 2 posts) it was really a beautiful trip and all i did with my father was walk and eat and shopp!!!!
sometimes you really have to look back at a moment to really appreciate it.. at the time i loved being there, and looking back i miss it even more. the food, the exchange rate and how much easier it is to get around over there. although i love melbourne, its just so damn cold atm - it really is. 
so i hope you enjoy a few of my snaps. there were more.. but they were just of food.. hehe of course!


p.s i had a winter checklist of things to buy, and i ended up buying so many dresses and silk blouses - no shoes.. couldn't find a pair of boots in my size in hong kong - but the shopping was fabulous!

fragments of the east