spring 2010

just realised i haven't posted in a long long time. i've been flat out with work and uni work.. apart from the fact i'm going away again, i'll be just having to get through this semester of uni and applying for internships or vac work for the summer. actually i should really get onto applying for it.

spring wishlists
- looking for tan leather mini skirt, leather black shorts (a lined, not hotpants)
- army shirts, shorts or washed out pants
- sheer anything - shirts mainly/cropped tops
- romantic fabrics - silk slips in nude, cream, ivory and blacks
- lace and sheer again
- one piece bathers .. coloured and ruffled
- ferragamo flats in black and peach
- balenciaga city with GHH - maybe gold?
- after a pair of ferragamo vara flats in both black and peach (not sure what its called, but i've seen them on and i'm in love)
- a hot boy

tee hee xoxo

p.s will start posting soon with photos and such... just as my hair is starting to grow - hate the colour and length.. so horrible and so not me. i was thinking of getting extensions and my best friend told me that my hair might fall out again... shame xo

current/elliot captain cotton pants

i've been looking everywhere for a pair or army green or khaki fitted pants.. the chino style but with pockets. however i've had my eye on the Current Elliot Captain pants and just bought them online. hopefully they fit well. teamed with a white or sheer cotton singlet and flats will look great. also waiting on the j brand twills in washed navy... i wanted to try them on instead of buying online.

p.s i'm also going to japan, hongkong and taiwan for 4 weeks at the end of october!. i'm so excited so i'm saving now for it.

my parents

how cute are my parents?