fun leggings

new love - the cape coat by Karen Millen

hello this is me in minimal makeup, but wearing my fav. coat for this winter. dad dragged to the ugg boot store to buy ugg boots as mine have literally fallen apart. 
its by karen millen and i absolutely adore it and its actually quite warm considering it has cape sleeves! its very cosy and i love how structured it is.


winter colour!

ive been sticking to a lot of blacks the last few weeks, i mean everything is black and a lot of people have been commenting on my look - my response is that i'm mourning that i've put on the winter weight - thanks to you chocolate.. and cakes. but i find its quite hard finding my clothes in my room as everything is black. 

black is the easiest of colours to wear and buy, black on black, unless its textured. like my black l/s tops, skivvys, black leggings, sheer tights, opaques, blouses, jackets and lets not forgetting my accessories. black boots, black shoes, black leather bags, black beanies...

my point is,.. i think i'm getting lost in a sea of black.. and shines of colour is always a new breath of fresh air! 

the purple/fuschia (spl) is from a really cool thrift store (with 12 stalls) in melbourne called carlisle st bazaar, its a pretty laid back store with a lot of different types of stock, from re worked vintage, to vintage, to second clothing and sometimes up and coming designers. pretty exciting xx

on the streets of southern china.

so i've finally found a bit of time to update my blog - i think my last post was nearly 2 months ago and few changes have happened. so in end of april, early may i went overseas for nearly two weeks (re. photos from the last 2 posts) it was really a beautiful trip and all i did with my father was walk and eat and shopp!!!!
sometimes you really have to look back at a moment to really appreciate it.. at the time i loved being there, and looking back i miss it even more. the food, the exchange rate and how much easier it is to get around over there. although i love melbourne, its just so damn cold atm - it really is. 
so i hope you enjoy a few of my snaps. there were more.. but they were just of food.. hehe of course!


p.s i had a winter checklist of things to buy, and i ended up buying so many dresses and silk blouses - no shoes.. couldn't find a pair of boots in my size in hong kong - but the shopping was fabulous!

fragments of the east