new american apparel sunglasses - divine 

daily necessities..

all my handbags are leather and its amazing how much crap you need in each day. everytime i swap my everyday handbags.. i forget certain things (and its always my phone or lippy). today i was good
- banana
- moleskine diary
-paw paw
-vitamin e cream
- pen
- keys
- eyeliner
- water
hangover sunday..

so many phones

had people over last night and most of us had iphones
theres about 5000 worth of apple product right there baby.. isn't this ridiculous?
love the iphone

loving getting packages sent to your house...

my new topshop april wedges - just like the opening ceremony's
so divine.. but so painful after 6 hours

errands on glenhuntly..

spent they day with kath running errans on glenhuntly rd. i'd bought a few paintings from india that i wanted to mount, so we went into every opp shop or salvos to find some frames... managed to find 3..
such a beauitul day and can i say the open toasted tuna on rye is the best thing ever at the pound.