anyone else going to be a massive fan of fur this winter? faux fur of course! i picked up this gorgeous coat from carlise st bazzaar... the lady who owned this stall (rachael) owns shappere. i was apparently too slow to pick up this coat in grey, but the tan will do for now. its so warm and fits so nicely.. i can see this with jeans and dresses... keep an eye out for a hooded fur coat.. yum

phllip island.. victoria with my girlfriends

we were so lucky with the weather last weekend (compared to last weekend), michy one of my lovely friends has a house in cowes - phillip island and we all found the time to come down and enjoy each others company. its really hard as some of us are working full time or others are studying or travelling. it was such a lovely and messy weekend and would love to do it again!

maitreya.. mud mud mud

so we drove nearly 4 hours out into the bush for maitreya... the last outdoor lifestyle festival for the summer. quite a few of my favourtie dj's were playing and nearly all my friends were there to party hard. the weather turned sour as storms and rains were expected. man it was tragic.. mud everywhere, with hay and straw and a pool of water to walk through before you get onto the dance floor. we were literally dancing in the mud!! best festival ever in terms of music, but weather wise it wasn't so great, but still enjoyed the weekend. a lot of people had trouble getting out and cars were getting bogged. 

black is back

i'e been pretty slack with my posts and photo taking recently as i've been away and started uni again and... i have a new boy. but im sick now, so all this time in the world!!! i tend to wear heaps of black in winter - and its been a few nights cold in melbourne the last few weeks (expect for the last few days), the photos don't show.. but i wore high waisted black levis with a cropped floral singlet.. 

p.s i hate the dentist and i hate the fees involved for taking out wisdom teeth.. i want to cry