mine mine mine

my my my new new fur vest to the family. welcome. i mothered her from a store called husk.
love you, its so soft and warm.

did i remember to say i love you?
can't wait to wear it!


music on this page

after looking a few blogs i looked at one where it had some funky music, and it really brightened her blog.

i've tried countless times to find a gadget of somesort to put a music player on my blog page. i tried playlist.com but i'm not in the United States, so something that works within australia would be good.

has anyone tried the laurent macaroons???? the ones with the cream in the middle? they are DIVINE! i scoffed 4 down last night after working at the library (for hours on end it seems like).

had coffee, strawberry, lemon and passion fruit - YUM. coffee is my favourite so far.


p.s studying for 4 exams next week.. been up since 7am and i have work soon from 2 till 9pm. kills me.
p.s.s. i've watched the whole season of MODERN FAMILY.... twice and i love it.