bassike, hudson and oak

bassike's online store is having an amazing sale - well for me anyway.. just scored some great basics.
- mega wide tee in cloudy blue
- circle jersey dress in black (not sale..but)
- button back cardi in bird

yeah man... then i saw this...

and its only 400!!! i have something similar in tan :(

and then i saw these... good morning jesus christ... OAK suede wedges with a peep toe!

h by hudson

black scout ruched boot - perfect for winter



Anonymous said...

Did you get the wedges?! I love the wedges!!!

Kylie Alexa Chu said...

aren't the wedges divine? i didn't get them.. still thinking about them.. they're about 300us.. is it worth it?

Pret-a-porter-au said...

jenny has the jacket - AMAZING! i want it too