anyone else going to be a massive fan of fur this winter? faux fur of course! i picked up this gorgeous coat from carlise st bazzaar... the lady who owned this stall (rachael) owns shappere. i was apparently too slow to pick up this coat in grey, but the tan will do for now. its so warm and fits so nicely.. i can see this with jeans and dresses... keep an eye out for a hooded fur coat.. yum


Anonymous said...

I REALLY like the tan and I am on an eagle eye look out for one just the same as this. It's perfect lady.

Froso said...

The tan is good, i actually prefer it compared to gray. I've noticed your previous posts and I gasped! You really look stunning! Kiss kiss!

fashionisfueledbyobsession said...

love fur!

followed =D
come visit
and shop

NaMisU said...

i love it i want it were can i buy it :...)