beatuiful wontons for lunch today

my morning
just had a horrible but lovely afternoon and its only 1pm. i had my 3rd exam this morning, it was only a multiple choice exam but i found it very tricky, but i had to get up so early for it and my car engine was jumping as it was so cold. turned on my heater and the car was 1 DEGREE.. 

after my exam i go back to my car to drive home, only to find that my has been egged - no joke. egged! yolk and egg shell and everything. such a bad morning. then i come home to my parents making wontons for lunch. didn't want to spoil their day so i didn't tell them about the car and quickly got a bucket of soapy water to wash it off. a friend scared me that the egg can eat away the paint!! 

i have another exam friday morning, but i can't concentrate to start studying for it.. i think i might watch some soccer (my father has been taping all the games as i've been studying for exams).. GO SPAIN!

what a morning xx

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