goldys drinks

Weekend: best friends goodbye drink (striped shirt), chinta rias, st kilda, george lane bar, getting over the cold, new ted baker, ramen, printing photo, adam going away, eclipse and soup

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie!

This is going to sound totally weird and stalkerish so apologies in advance! But I bought your leather jacket online last night and in your description you had your email address and I had a vague recollection of your name from this blog, because I'm a Voguette too and I used to read your blog (you should start posting again!). Anyways, the reason I remember your name is because you look almost exactly like an old schoolfriend, and I always wondered if you were actually her and just using a pseudonym.

Anyways, hope this message isn't too creepy. You look great in the jacket and I can't wait to wear it (although now I'm a bit worried about sizing cos you're smaller than me).