on the streets of southern china.

so i've finally found a bit of time to update my blog - i think my last post was nearly 2 months ago and few changes have happened. so in end of april, early may i went overseas for nearly two weeks (re. photos from the last 2 posts) it was really a beautiful trip and all i did with my father was walk and eat and shopp!!!!
sometimes you really have to look back at a moment to really appreciate it.. at the time i loved being there, and looking back i miss it even more. the food, the exchange rate and how much easier it is to get around over there. although i love melbourne, its just so damn cold atm - it really is. 
so i hope you enjoy a few of my snaps. there were more.. but they were just of food.. hehe of course!


p.s i had a winter checklist of things to buy, and i ended up buying so many dresses and silk blouses - no shoes.. couldn't find a pair of boots in my size in hong kong - but the shopping was fabulous!


emily said...

hi! i found your blog through vogue forums...i love that jacket with the gold buttons!

i've been looking for a similar one myself. so hard on a budget :(

Anonymous said...

Love these travel photos, you've inspired me to pull out my Docs...